$75,000.00 in Life Insurance Protection
Starts at Just 1¢1

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Protect Tomorrow … by Planning Today

With Starmount’s ValueLife Gold modified whole life insurance, you get much more than just protection for your family after your death. Some of the great benefits include:

  • Cash value accumulates over time, in effect setting aside funds that can be used to help provide for your children’s college education or supplement retirement savings.
  • Living benefit which can help with medical bills by paying you half the amount of your life insurance in advance, if, after the first year, you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.
  • Guaranteed coverage until you’re 120 years old!2

Additionally, you can typically obtain ValueLife Gold coverage without taking a medical exam. All you’ll have to do is answer a few quick questions.

And best of all, not only can you get your coverage started for just 1¢,1 but ValueLife Gold is Starmount’s lowest-cost life insurance product, period.

Don’t wait, getting a ValueLife Gold quote is fast and easy, and you can apply online today to get your family’s protection started as soon as possible.

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